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In the immortal words of Peter Drucker, “What gets measured gets managed”. This is the philosophy we started with when designing our AdBlock Analytics platform. We provide publishers with the ability to measure AdBlock users and the effectiveness of our AdFree service so that they can see for themselves. We track AdBlock users with the highest level of accuracy and detail. Information that cannot be found in regular analytics software, not even google.

Here are 7 questions that Pelcro’s Adblock analytics will answer.

1. How Many Of My Users Are Using AdBlock?

Unique AdBlock Users AnalyticsIt all starts with learning the actual percentage of users that visit your website with AdBlock. We use the most sophisticated technology to detect AdBlock users with the highest level of accuracy. The data is presented monthly and daily so you can stay up to date with the latest fluctuations. On average, we have seen anywhere between 20-30% AdBlock penetration.

2. What Percentage of Pageviews Have Ads Blocked?

Ad Blocked Pageviews Analytics

Because unique users have their own unique browsing habits that vary from one website to another, we track pageviews that load with AdBlock enabled. We also track the total pageviews so you can see the percentage of total pages viewed using AdBlock.


3. How Much Am I Losing Due to Adblock?

Losing Money Due to AdBlock

Using the total number pages viewed with AdBlock Enabled and your eCPM, you can calculate with a high level of accuracy the amount of money that you are losing as a result of Ad Blocking.


4. How Many AdBlock Users are Converting to AdFree Subscribers?

AdFree Subscribers Analytics

We use machine learning to optimize the for all data points in which the message is displayed. From the location of the user to the time of day that the message is being shown, we account for all factors to get the highest chance of a user subscribing.


5. Am I Getting Users that don’t Subscribe to Disable AdBlock?

Disabled AdBlock Analytics

The effectiveness of our message is measured by two key Metrics: Number of subscribers and number of users that disabled AdBlock. On average, we have seen a combined conversion rate of 45% (and higher in certain cases).


6. Is My Messaging Driving People Away From My Website?

Bounce Rates Analytics

All this talk about optimization usually gets publishers thinking about bounce rates. because of our highly optimized AI technology, our bounce rates are always close to the bounce rate that the website would experience on average and significantly lower than that of an interstitial advertisement.


7. How Much Money Am I Making From Pelcro?

Regained Revenue Analytics

Using the number of subscribers as well as the recovered pageviews (meaning the pageviews done by people who turned off AdBlock) we provide you with the revenue we are generating for you. We show you the recurring revenue generated from new subscribers as well as the ad revenue recovered as a result of our message encouraging users to disable AdBlock.

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