Arsenal Briefly Case Study on Regaining Revenue from Adblock Users

Similar to many websites and blogs that rely on Ads as their main source of revenue, was losing a lot of money due to Adblock. Their frustration with AdBlock led them to partner with Pelcro to help them regain revenue lost due to AdBlockers and maximize their subscription revenue to diversify their revenue streams. In just a few months following our partnership, we were able to reclaim 61% of Arsenal Briefly’s revenue lost due to Adblock.

Pelcro and Arsenal Briefly Partnership to regain revenue lost due to adblock

Arsenal Briefly partnering with Pelcro to regain revenue that was lost due to Adblock.

Our partnership with Arsenal Briefly has truly proven to be a success. All of us here at Pelcro have worked tirelessly and are pleased to have been able to partner with such a cooperative content creator that loves what they do and have a real passion for Arsenal.

We’ve been looking through some of the awesome things we have been able to accomplish together in such a short amount of time and are happy to finally be able to share it with you.

We congratulate Arsenal Briefly on such a large accomplishment, their community has proven that they care about content creators and are willing to pay a subscription fee to get an ad-free experience. We look forward to continuing working closely with the folks at towards cultivating a sustainable ad-free ecosystem.

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